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Upcoming Online Field Day Friday Jan 28th

Upcoming Online Field Day Friday Jan 28th

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"Did you say online Field Day?" 

How can that be? we know that sounds impossible but given current Corona conditions and the fact that everyone is based far and wide from one another - lets give this a go. 

This is our first attempt to have an online field day. Updated details are here:

copy of draft is here:

Permaculture Design Field Day - Jan - Online and in own field/site sections
15Natural Resource Flow18Existing features 19SWOC20Risk Analysis
There are 3 main reasons to be working together today. Firstly, you, as the client gets input for your design. Secondly, you get to work as a design team and build your own design skills. Thirdly, our upcoming textbook called the Field Guide to Permaculture Design, gets some more chapters tested.
Today we will explore 4 chapters of the Field Guide to Permaculture Design. In total there are 50 Steps. You can see all the steps here: The reason why we are doing these 4 chapters is because the client has already considered the ethics behind her drive to create a design. She, and her family (the stakeholders of the design) are ready to move to the next step.
What to do
Please read each chapter, set for todays workshop ready to discuss the task with the team and together we will complete the worksheet.
Workshop Program
equipment desired
10:00 AM
meet and greet, morning tea
outline of days events
1st topic - Natural Resource Flow
clipboard, note paper and pencils
map with resource flow
2nd topic - Existing features
drawing paper, pencils
highlighted features
12:303rd topic - SWOCnote paper, penSWOC CHART
4th topic - Risk Analysis
note paper, penHighlighted risks
1.45afternoon tea

This workshop is free for everyone enrolled in the moodle and $180 for each participant not enrolled with us.

Participants limited to 12