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March is on!

March is on!

by Samantha Mcleod -
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Hi All,

I signed up for the PDC "Quite" a few months ago. I am also studying teaching as my second degree, work full time and are hosting a few homeless lads as well as my youngest as a single parent at home (uhhhg the explanation make me tired). The PDA is meant to be my down time as I love the principles, theory and extension into our local environments and communities. Needless to say as an adult learner that has too many bones in her mouth I may have to take the long road on this. Holidays soon!!!!

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Re: March is on!

by Diane Lyel -
Hi Samantha,
You sure sound like you have a ton on your plate, that said I am thinking you may still be getting through the course so wishing you all the best & hope to see more of you around (I am brand new so still finding my way)