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Design for Oezlem in Berlin

Design for Oezlem in Berlin

by April Sampson-kelly -
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Oezlem has now graduated. He lives in Berlin and belongs to a community garden. I did this design for him to show some additional ideas for his plot. It is an Angular Spiral Design.

 I like to vary the heights of the beds to allow deep roots and soil development on site. Having a stepped series of garden beds could enable flow of nutrients and water if you set it up so.
In this design you can also create lots of liquid manure from your weeds, have a wormfarm, grow microgreens and raise seedlings in the micro-green pillars.

The top image is the floor plan. It fits two pillars/towers. 
The lower image was my initial concept idea for a smaller site.
To the right is a small illustration of the pillar. It has a little greenhouse on top with compost rich soil, a wormfarm underneath and liquid manure tray under that.
Attachment Community Garden Plot Angular Spiral Design.jpg