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Design For Catastrophe - FIRE

Design For Catastrophe - FIRE

by April Sampson-kelly -
Number of replies: 0 I've been working on this post intently. Researching the effects of drought and heat, smoke and fire is vital in preparing us for recovery responses. My next home is definitely going to be underground.

The biggest personal lesson for me is to share plants and animals in the hope that this will ensure their survival.

The threats have ranged from Drought, heat, flames, embers, radiation, noise, smoke, ash and losses. 

The responses include containment (in soil storage of water as well as potable water harvesting for quelling fire) Adaptation techniques (moving vulnerable plants and animals to shelter and zones of higher observation) through to use of thermal mass to shield plants and animals from heat radiation, methods of quelling embers include putting metal and rocks in the garden beds, keeping water- storing living mulch (bromiliads, cacti, pigface) rather than flammable mulch. Include filter systems and misting devices to combat smoke. 

But above all, an undergound shelter or home will do many of the protective mechanisms during a drought, a heatwave and a fire.

My next home is definitely going to be underground.

Strategies for survival. Prepare. Alleviate. Recover. Targeted actions ranging from containment (in soil-wicking) through to shielding (inflammable thermal mass) and filters (for noise and ash)