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Terry Leahy, lecturer on Sociology talks about Social Permaculture

Terry Leahy, lecturer on Sociology talks about Social Permaculture

by April Sampson-kelly -
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Today I interviewed Terry Leahy, a lecturer in Sociology talks about Social Permaculture.  [Earlier he had interviewed me for his upcoming book on the Permaculture movement, so this was a happy exchange.]


In a series of 4 short chats you can hear his views on food security, his vision for a better future, the gift economy, what is wrong with money and how it attached to alienated labour supply. 

He offers a vision for a better society where governance is more localised, essential work is rostered, instead of money there are gifts and promises, compacts and agreements. Conflict resolution is mediators by trained community members and the whole community is encouraged to be actively involved in decision making.

In his vision of a better future, food is produced locally and satellite communities are connected by solar-powered rail. Each community specialises in a product or part of a national industry (such as the making of railways) and connect to local communities to supply their needs.

The first chat is about the influence of bioregion, history and politics on a community and its agricultural choices

This chat is about listening sympathetically for community projects 

Here is Terry's radical vision for a Permaculture society 

Finally, here is my question to him about "What is wrong with money?" it gets a little contentious but has a happy ending.