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Booster classes in Permaculture Living Skills

Booster classes in Permaculture Living Skills

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We are soon resuming on-site booster classes in Permaculture Living Skills. These classes will be free for all online participants.

The living skills include, home energy and waste audits, seed saving, raising seedlings, wicking pots, worm farms, Biochar, ferments, natural cleaners, guilds of plants, regenerative gardening, food forest design.

  • The permaculture framework, ethics, integrating components, using zonesĀ 
  • Waste conversion of food scraps, paper waste, clothes swaps, time and money saving
  • Food growing, soil making, composting, wicking pots, seed saving and propagation
  • Making ferments, cooking with solar, cleaning without chemicals
  • Urban wildlife and ecology, worm farms - managing fruit fly, rats, possums and deer
  • Alternative energy use, transport
  • Climate resilience and planning for disaster
  • Alternative living models, building community and careers

These sessions are in additional to the current Field days focusing on practicing your Permaculture Design skills.

Contact us to register your interest - email