Permaculture Visions has taught the traditional Permaculture Design Coursesince 1993. Our traditional Permaculture Design Course [known as a PDC] had accreditation and support from co-originator Bill Mollison. Many of the graduates from this PDC are now leaders in Permaculture.

This Permaculture Design Introduction course is the 1st of 3 courses that in full satisfy the traditional Permaculture Design Course PDC goals.

We have now started building our course notes for Australian Permaculture Training courses offered through the Australian Quality Training Framework as Managed by The Australian Permaculture Association and the Government regulatory body: ASQA - Australian Skills Quality Authority.

The first trials for Certificate 3 in Permaculture have begun at a local TAFE Yallah, Illawarra.

This Course introduces you to the ethics, design theory (Natural Systems and Design). Some practical ideas are also covered in Cultivated Ecology and Recycling.

This is the first set of a total of 3 modules that form the full Permaculture Design Course.

This introductory course is a handy introduction to Permaculture that can help set you thinking about sustainable design and putting it all into practice.

Understanding Forests, Water, Soils, Buildings, Aquaculture, Mariculture, Wildlife Management and Energy

This is the final module of the full Traditional Permacultuer Design Course.

This module of course notes is the last set of a total of 3 modules that form the full Permaculture Design Course.

This module helps you complete a permaculture design and understand measures to analyse the efficiency of that design.

Please submit one homework response per topic. 

On the final topic you are asked to submit a permaculture design and then complete the quiz, which is designed to assist you in self-assessing your design.