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Available courses

Introduction to Permaculture Design

This Course introduces you to the ethics, design theory (Natural Sy...

PDC Module 2: Basics

Understanding Forests, Water, Soils, Buildings, Aquaculture, Maricu...

Module 3 PDC Final

This is the final module of the full Traditional Permacultuer Desig...

Site announcements

Upcoming Design Field Day Saturday, 27 April, 9:00 AM HAWKESBURY EARTHCARE RICHMOND


Upcoming Design Field Day Saturday, 27 April, 9:00 AM
Course event

  • 9am -10.30am Microclimates (identify and improve) look at community garden to practice monitoring microclimates. Lead by April Sampson-Kelly
  • 11am to 12.30pm Zone and Sector planning (identify and practice on various scopes including physical spaces ie. your desk, your kitchen, your balcony and social spaces ie. in the community gardens ect.) Lead by April Sampson-Kelly
  • 12.30 picnic lunch  
  • 1pm site visit to the secret garden lead by Amanda Argent 2.30pm
  • 2.30 pm -4pm Climate resilience and risk (specifically designing for deluges to minimise harmful impacts ie. waterborne contaminants, erosion, weed seed). Lead by April Sampson-Kelly
If you are student with PermacultureVisions you can use these workshops as part of your homework for your Permaculture Design Course Topics that are relevant are: Natural Systems and Design, Cultivated Ecology, Forests, Water and Soils.

To join these workshops, please email to us at permaculturevisionsnet@gmail.com

This field day is at Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre, Cnr Science Rd &, Campus Dr, Richmond NSW 2753. It will be fun for all permaculture design enthusiasts. Bookings essential.

Booster classes in Permaculture Living Skills


We are soon resuming on-site booster classes in Permaculture Living Skills. These classes will be free for all online participants.

The living skills include, home energy and waste audits, seed saving, raising seedlings, wicking pots, worm farms, Biochar, ferments, natural cleaners, guilds of plants, regenerative gardening, food forest design.

  • The permaculture framework, ethics, integrating components, using zones 
  • Waste conversion of food scraps, paper waste, clothes swaps, time and money saving
  • Food growing, soil making, composting, wicking pots, seed saving and propagation
  • Making ferments, cooking with solar, cleaning without chemicals
  • Urban wildlife and ecology, worm farms - managing fruit fly, rats, possums and deer
  • Alternative energy use, transport
  • Climate resilience and planning for disaster
  • Alternative living models, building community and careers

These sessions are in additional to the current Field days focusing on practicing your Permaculture Design skills.

Contact us to register your interest - email permaculturevisionsnet@gmail.com

Upcoming Field Day Mt Kembla NSW JUNE 17


Upcoming Field Day Mt Kembla NSW JUNE 17

Tour our demonstration site, cook on the Rocket Stove Fagao de Lena, and cover basics with practical application. TICKETS FREE FOR STUDENTS OF PERMACULTURE VISIONS. Please book your place.

Get your ticket here https://events.humanitix.com/permaculture-design-skills-integrating-elements



Draw your site up using a web of triangles. Not everyone has a site without any trees and a clear aerial map of the area. With this technique you can draw the area, locate key structures and be able to plan changes with accuracy. This tutorial also shows you how to work out your own scale for the map. 

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upcoming Field Day - online and where you are


Get your ticket for the upcoming field day (online) https://events.humanitix.com/harnessing-natural-resources-0ykp5ev6 FREE for students and graduates of PermacultureVisions

Designing from scratch and don't know where to start? Here you will build 4 permaculture skills to determine risk and design to turn untapped resources into abundance!

In these 4 sessions you will be actively part of a permaculture design team conducting a risk assessment, identifying natural resource flows and integrate elements to build an efficient permaculture design.

A valuable part of permaculture design includes assessment of site resources - the strengths, risks, opportunities and constraints. In this online field day we harvest observations on your own site, assess risks and discover opportunities. This course has expert input from Professional Ergonomist, risk analyst for social enterprises, and Permaculture teacher Lizzy Smith.

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