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Upcoming Field Day


Harnessing Natural Resources

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Hello local permaculture students,

here is the information for our upcoming field day - a workshop on how to harness natural energies.
Please book your ticket here (current students are free) and do share with others you may know. places are strictly limited.

I'm looking forward to working together on site. 
Recently Lloyd Kelly and I have been developing a field guide to permaculture design. We will pilot the worksheets from that book for the day and refine your mapping and natural energy identification skills for part of the design process on that day. We will also explore micro-climates, sector analysis and mapping.


Otford, NSW

our latest video - how to escape the consumption trap


we made this video to add to the recycling topic. Enjoy

our latest video - how to escape the consumption trap


New Video Presentation about Water


This video is part 1 of 2 videos about water. It aims to broaden understanding of water, what it is, how it is made, how it works in the food forest and how we can create a plan to capture and use it. Part 2 introduces ideas on how to improve water management methods, harvest as much as possible, spread it out, store only what you need as potable but as much as possible inground. How to clean it then share it.

New Video On Ethics with Dr. Charlie Brennan


Ethics with Dr. Charlie Brennan

Dr Charlie Brennan talks about big choices. We can live by default. Or we can live by Design. Our lives are mapped out for us by our familes, our culture and our workplaces. We can live by the default that is already set or we can question what drives us. And design a better future for ourselves, others and the planet.

New Video on Seed Saving


Hello everyone, today we released another video about how seed saving will help you and your food forest adapt to climate change. Enjoy! 


One little seed has much potential. It can adapt to your bioregion, feed you, protect the soil and build a more resilient future. Seed saving helps you to localise plants to suit your climate. You can save both annual plant seed and perennials. But perennials are the plants that build resilience and long term survival of the forest. Diversifying the plants in the food forest broadens our options. Seed saving is one the most important tools you can use to create your sustainable food forest.

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