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Outcomes from this weekends Design Practice Sessions

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Outcomes from this weekends Design Practice Sessions
by April Sampson-kelly - Sunday, 18 November 2018, 6:44 PM

I had fun doing rough illustrations for a couple of elements that I haven't explored before in a real life design. Here they are below:
The chookhouse earthship - an integrated system of inground greenhouse (similar to a walapini in LaPaz Bolivia - good for cool climate - can be shaded in summer. See a video here about Wilipini rough view of chip
and an integrated chicken rotating straw yards that are also anti-aviaries and sit together in a honeycomb pattern - I am particularly keen to see this implemented one day.
honeycomb pattern - compromise between straight lines and rounded housing for better chicken socialisation
The outcomes file is attached but requires password to view. Online and Workshop participants only may access this file. If you are a permaculturevisions student simply message us with request to view.